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The Importance of Proper At-Home Care

How you care for your smile greatly impacts your oral health for life. 

Did you know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body? But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Even tooth enamel can become damaged if not properly cared for. While we all know that brushing and flossing regularly and seeing our Fircrest, WA, dentist Dr. Phuong Nguyen are important habits for healthy teeth and gums, there are some habits that you might be doing right now that could be negatively impacting your teeth.

Quit smoking 

Tobacco products and cigarettes can cause a slew of oral health problems, from unsightly dark stains to periodontal disease, tooth loss and oral cancer. While the answer to preventing these problems lies in quitting this habit as soon as possible, we also know that it’s not that easy. Talk with your dentist here in Fircrest, WA, to help create a plan that will help you ditch this habit and improve your oral health for good.

Limit Sugar Intake

The average American consumes about 17 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is about 57 pounds of added sugar each year! Sugar can greatly increase your risk for cavities, which is why it should be consumed in moderation. While this nixes sodas, desserts, candy, and most fruit juices and sports drinks from the list, you may also be surprised to find added sugar in less obvious food items such as prepackaged oatmeal, “healthy” cereals and salad dressing. Check all nutrition labels thoroughly before buying.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Most people brush and floss, but they don’t do it as often as they should. Everyone should be brushing, at the very least, twice a day (in the morning and at night) and flossing once a day. Make sure that when you brush you are brushing for at least two minutes each and every time. These are not rules that can be bent. If you want a healthy smile, then you’ll need to brush and floss every day without fail.

Replace Your Toothbrush 

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush or toothbrush head? Do the bristles look a little worn out and frayed? If so, then this is a clear-cut sign that you need to replace your toothbrush. Any time the bristles start to splay out (about every 3 months) it’s time to purchase a new toothbrush or toothbrush head (for those of you with electronic toothbrushes). A worn-out toothbrush will not give your teeth and gums the proper clean they need.  

Whether it’s time to schedule your next routine checkup with our Fircrest, WA, general dentist or you want to discuss the cosmetic or orthodontic treatment options we offer, don’t hesitate to call Emerson Dental today at (253) 565-2895 to schedule an appointment.

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