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For years, I have literally hated my smile – even after braces as an adult – because it was such a “small” smile and over time, my teeth became faded to the point where nothing worked for whitening them (I’m 54, and even in my 20’s, my teeth were never white). So, in all my photos, I just kept my mouth closed. I’m also a professional singer and seeing close-ups of my smile (while singing) on stage just horrified me to the point of deleting all photos of me on stage with my mouth open. In additional to being a singer, my husband and I are producers of many local events and community stages, and we have to “meet and greet” a lot of people and artists. I tend to stay in the background so I won’t be embarrassed by my smile. My “day” job is a software developer and consultant. As such, I meet with clients (Microsoft, Boeing, among others), and although I wear the power suit and bring along a comprehensive technical portfolio, the minute I opened my mouth, I would feel all eyes were on my teeth. All the confidence in the world in my abilities and proven technical track record cannot overcome the embarrassment of discolored teeth that no amount of whitening or professional bleaching could improve.

When I started thinking about a smile makeover, due to my weak enamel and teeth discoloration, I did hours of internet research, reading horror story after horror story about how dentists billing themselves as cosmetic dentists would just ruin someone’s smile (they would actually make it worse, drill down the teeth so they could not be returned to normal, and the patient had no choice but to spend thousands of dollars re-doing the sloppy work!!). I read how the veneers (including lumineers) felt and looked “fake” and how unhappy so many patients were. What came through was to first choose a quality cosmetic dentist (not a “general dentist”), preferably someone who did their work onsite (as opposed to sending it to a lab) – so they could have more control of the shape, color, etc. And next, to see their before and after photos of their actual patients to get a sense of how they approach a problem smile and the results they achieved.

Since I have been a patient at Emerson Dental for a number of years, I trusted them. I felt Dr. Nguyen understood my despair and she offered me hope. She spent a lot of time listening to me, and addressing my many concerns (among them – I did not want my teeth drilled down). She didn’t try to convince me to go with this brand or that brand, or this type or that type – but she listened to ME, studied my smile in depth, including the color of my teeth, my gum placement, and a host of other technical things (after doing many molds of my teeth and lots of photos). She came up with a perfect solution just for ME, but again, she didn’t try to push it on me. She presented it logically, and I trusted her (as did my husband, who is also a dental patient there) to be the creative artist and master technician she is to create what was natural looking and “right” for me. And, the price of everything was thousands of dollars lower than the “competitors”. I had 17 teeth redone and was amazed at how affordable it was for such highly professional and quality work!

One week after deciding to “go ahead”, I had my new smile. And I can’t stop smiling! My new smile (very thin porcelain veneers) feel 100% natural in my mouth and the color is great! It took a few weeks for everything to feel “as though it’s always been there”. It’s just perfect, inside and out- and my ONLY regret is that I had not had this done years ago at Emerson Dental. My smile looks natural, and people who have seen me since the makeover simply ask if I’ve lost weight because they can tell “something” is different, but they aren’t sure what. And, it’s so much more fun to wear makeup and lipstick to show off my new smile. My husband can’t stop smiling either!

I strongly urge anyone considering this (or really, any kind of cosmetic dentistry/smile makeovers) to only go to Emerson Dental in Tacoma – no matter how far you have to travel – it is WORTH it!. Do your research on the internet – and avoid all the thousands of horror stories out there by going to Emerson Dental. You will get superior work done in their inside lab that you will absolutely love by the sweetest and most competent dentist (and her staff) that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to write my very heartfelt testimonial, nor am I associated with Emerson Dental in any way (other than being a dental patient). I just believe people who are happy with their smile makeovers needs to stand up and say so – because those of you who are searching for “real people with real results with real satisfaction” – you need to hear this before making a life-changing decision.

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