Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for my beautiful smile and the outstanding care that you have given to me (and my family). Due to multiple traumas to my mouth in my youth, I entered adulthood with many root canals, caps, oral surgeries, etcetera, many of which were painful. Needless to say, I had a HUGE dislike of any dental procedure and as a result, I rarely went to the dentist with the resultant decline in my oral health.

When I first met you and explained my dislike and distrust of any dentist, you understood. You promised me that my experience with you at Emerson Dental would be different. I must say that you were absolutely right. Not only have you corrected decades of poor dental health, you have restored my confidence in one dentist (you!) and I actually look forward to my semi-annual visits! The restorative work that you performed has allowed me to keep my teeth and has actually PROMOTED bone growth around the roots of my problem teeth. The procedures that you employ allowed me to be at ease and relaxed during the entire process. Even the dreaded “roof of the mouth” shot was done without hurting me.

Dr. Nguyen, I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous, wonderful work that you have done in restoring my teeth and my smile.

With appreciation, I remain: Your Most Loyal Fan, Mark C.


As a child I have been terrified with even the thought of going to the dentist. Only in retrospect (as an adult) am I grateful that my parents would honor my fear by holding my hand during any procedures – but I did “have to go” to the dentist. My fear was not necessarily related to the anticipated pain (usually none), but the smoke from some of the machines, the ice-cold water in my mouth during procedures, and of course the noise of the instruments buzzing, sawing and even now I’m getting nervous. 

A close friend of mine referred me to Dr. Phuong Nguyen (DDS), fortunately she had an opening for me as a patient. From the very beginning I have NEVER had such attentive care, acknowledgement of my fears, and procedure techniques that even took away the “sting” of the first couple shots of Novocain. Dr. explained each procedure necessary, and continuously checked how I was doing. Now here is the best part, her knowledge, skills, and abilities of dental practices, use of first-rate dental materials, and the perfection which enables no one, not even me to see that my teeth “had to be worked on.” All the dental work I have had done over the years have continued to be “as good as when first worked on. 

In closing Dr. Phuong Nguyen’s entire staff is: well trained, professional, cordial, and accurate with administrative assistance and payments. If you are looking for an extremely intelligent, proficient, “delicate hands that mean business,” then I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen. I refuse to ever see anyone else. 

Dr. Linda Irby (and Yes, I have a huge, sparkling smile).

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