The Advantages of Dental Lasers Over Drills

The traditional dental drill has been your dentist's trusty tool for years, but it has its drawbacks. Advancements in the dental field are making dental appointments more comfortable and effective. Your dentist at Emerson Dental, Dr. Phuong Nguyen, is now using the SOLEA dental laser to bring laser dentistry to Fircrest, WA, for a quiet and more comfortable patient experience.

Benefits of Dental Lasers

They are Silent 

The first thing you'll probably notice about your dental procedure with a dental laser is how quiet it is. If the sound of the traditional dental drill is adding to your dental anxiety, you'd be happy to realize that the dental laser is silent. With the iconic dental drill sound eliminated, you can stay calm for your dental procedure.

Less Pain

A dental laser makes your dental procedure a lot less painful than with a dental drill. Laser dentistry in Fircrest, WA, with the SOLEA dental laser, is helping lots of patients manage dental anxiety and eliminate the need for anesthesia.

Less Dental Trauma

A dental drill may cause tiny fractures and cracks on your teeth during your dental procedure. The high speed of the drill produces heat and pressure that may make you uncomfortable. A dental laser doesn't have any of these problems.

Lower Chance of Infection

The high-power laser beams that your dentist uses during your procedure disinfect the treated area. Therefore, with a dental laser, you have a lower risk of getting an infection after your procedure.

Faster Dental Procedure

Dental lasers are fast and efficient at what they do. That means that you'll be spending less time in your dentist's chair. Dental lasers are also versatile and efficient at multiple dental procedures. Hence, they save your dentist and you the trouble of referrals.

Safe for Orthodontic Devices

Orthodontic devices may complicate dental treatment. Dental lasers are safe to use with your orthodontic devices, so, you can still keep up with proper dental care while correcting your teeth.

The SOLEA dental laser at Emerson Dental is bringing laser dentistry to you in Fircrest, WA. Call (253) 565-2895 to schedule your dental appointment with your dentist, Dr. Nguyen, today.

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